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Will My Hip Pain Affect Me During Pregnancy?

In short, the answer is "yes."

As a pregnancy and postpartum focused physical therapist, I treat a significant amount of pelvic pain as it arises during pregnancy.

Pelvic pain in pregnancy can become truly debilitating, especially in the third trimester as our little baby grows in size.

Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction is one type of pelvic pain that can arise. It is hallmarked by pain in front of the pelvis on the pubic bone, and hurts especially when one leg leaves the other, such as rolling over in bed and getting out of a car.

In more severe cases, it can start to hurt just taking steps and transferring out of chair!

Many providers will explain to their clients that the hormone relaxin is causing all of their joints to become loosy-goosey, and that's what's causing their pain.

Not so fast!! Although our bones are expanding, ligaments stretching, and muscles accommodating for a growing baby...that's not the whole story...

Pelvic pain during pregnancy is often the result of an underlying muscle imbalance that was present before pregnancy, and aggravated by the demands pregnancy places on the body.

That's right! Pelvic pain during pregnancy is usually the result of an issue that was present BEFORE THE PREGNANCY!

So if you're considering getting pregnancy, get that niggling hip pain addressed ASAP.

This is one reason I advocate strongly for moms who know they want to get pregnant soon to start taking action on their health now!

I call this Prehab for Pregnancy.

If we can address hip, pelvic, back, and even shoulder/neck pain before you get pregnant, then we are setting ourselves up for success during pregnancy.

As an added bonus, building a relationship with a pelvic floor physical therapist prior to pregnancy makes it even easier to drop in for care and tune-ups during pregnancy.

So if you have any lingering aches and pains, get those addressed now.

Other things I recommend addressing prior to pregnancy include:

  1. Pee leaks

  2. Prolapse

  3. Pain with sex

  4. Pain anywhere in the body

Pregnancy puts an incredible amount of stress on the body. Getting yourself into tip-top shape will set you up for a smooth and comfortable pregnancy!

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