When To See Your Pelvic Floor PT Postpartum

Updated: Apr 27

There is a notion in our society that after birth, everything is just fine.

You grow a child, push it out, and then..well..that's it! Your body will simply snap back to where it was before!

And if for some reason it didn't, well, please don't bother anyone with your complaints about your womenly dysfunctions.

Society really doesn't want to hear that this story is a complete lie, and failing to provide women with the support they need and deserve to heal from childbirth and raise a baby is an absolute disservice to the health of ALL OF HUMANITY!!!!

It's incredibly important to have good healthcare and a support team postpartum.

So let's address the confusion around when is a good time to see your pelvic floor physical therapist postpartum.

At lot of medical providers will hem and haw about this question, musing that the 6-week mark is probably a good one, as that's when scar tissues have usually healed and it's safe to start performing work from a vaginal approach.

I am here to tell you that you get to see your pelvic floor PT whenever you want postpartum.

But the sooner the better.

The truth is, postpartum hormones focused on tissue healing begin flooding the body immediately after birth and last until about 8 weeks.

For this reason, I think the 6-week mark is a little late.

Accessing moms early postpartum allows me to train them how to properly activate their core muscles. It also helps to ride the tidal wave of natural tissue healing, and get women strong before they realize their "mommy pouch" isn't going away on its own.

I see so many women a few months postpartum start to panic and enroll in Ab Lab at the local gym, which will more than likely make it worse.

I understand it is highly likely that even at 6-weeks moms are completely overwhelmed and exhausted with their little ones, and may not feel ready to leave the house and get pelvic floor physical therapy.

I want to encourage you to do it anyway. 6-weeks postpartum is the latest I want to be seeing my moms postpartum for the first time. The window of hormone-focused healing is about to close, and it's important I am able to address proper core activation mechanics with moms before then.

The only exception is if I have been seeing a mom throughout her pregnancy, and we both feel confident in her ability to safely contract her core in a healthy way. During the final prenatal visit, I review core activation techniques to start employing immediately postpartum.

For these moms, I am more comfortable waiting a couple of months before they come back in, because I know they are doing the necessary work correctly at home to start healing right away.

Physical therapy postpartum is an essential part of the healing process. Even if you feel great, you had no tearing or c-section, and notice no issues, I STILL recommend at least one follow-up visit with a pelvic floor PT.

I can identify and address issues that might not seem like a big deal right now, but can become a HUGE issue down the road, after another baby, and certainly after menopause.

Postpartum pelvic floor physical therapy plays a massive role in preventing women's health issues such as prolapse, incontinence, hernias, back pain, and hip pain that can really disrupt a woman's quality of life, and require major surgery to repair if allowed to progress too far.


I cannot stress enough the importance of seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist postpartum no matter what, starting no later than 6-weeks.

If you're reading this past 6-weeks postpartum and still haven't seen a pelvic floor PT, make sure you book your session with me today!

It's never too late to start your healing journey.

See you soon mama.

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